How to prevent a puppy from crying

How to prevent a puppy from crying

Arden Grange Puppy Junior Dog Food, Puppy first night in crate barking, When we adopt a puppy for the first time we do not even imagine the problem they may pose at night, since they cry and bark to get our attention and to pay attention to them. Puppies sleep many times after day but only for a few hours, so it is completely normal for them to wake up several times during the night and cry or bark. The noise can affect our sleep, but the worst thing is that it will also affect the neighbors and it is something we should avoid. We will review the best techniques and tricks to prevent a puppy from crying or barking, during the night or when we leave him alone at home. We just have to have a lot of patience and perform them

How to prevent a puppy from crying at night

The first thing we should know is that a puppy is the equivalent of a human baby, it is simply a small being that needs to be with his mother. If our puppy is not with his mother, it is completely normal for him to cry and bark, he simply misses her and calls her.

That is why we must have patience, a lot of patience with our puppy since he may cry not only one night but many nights. To make the puppy adapt best to your new home and stop crying when we sleep, it is best to follow these simple guidelines.

• Adopt the puppy in the morning, so you will have all day to know your new home and family, sniff everything, etc …
• If possible, rub a clean cloth with the puppy’s mother for a while to catch its smell. We will leave that cloth at night in the puppy’s bed, so he can smell his mother and calm down.
• Put a small clock of needles under your bed, in this way you will hear a soft “ticking” similar to the noise of your mother’s heart.
• Put a bag of warm water in your bed or under a blanket on your bed, to simulate your mother’s body heat.
• Leave a dim light always on, so you don’t wake up in complete darkness and get scared.
• Never go if you cry at night because if we do it will get used and cry whenever you want to get our attention.

With these guidelines, our dog will sleep more calmly and he may not cry at night, but if he does, it is also positive to follow these examples because his adaptation period will be shorter.

Can I take my puppy to sleep with me so he doesn’t cry?

Of course! But only if you plan to let him sleep with you always. If it is only for one night or a few days, you better not do it … because later it will be much worse to accustom it to sleep alone. However, if you don’t worry about him waking up several times at night and possibly waking you up to play … you can sleep with him and keep him from crying. But remember that from that moment you should always sleep with you. Never accustom a dog to sleep with you and then force him to sleep alone and away from you, because he will have a hard time.
How to prevent a puppy from crying when left alone

Not only do puppies cry in this situation, but adult dogs also do so because of what is known as separation stress. If we put ourselves in their situation and see how our family leaves and leaves us alone … would we not cry too? Well, they bark, cry and sometimes break things. To prevent a dog from crying when he stays alone we should try to educate him if possible from a puppy, following these guidelines. If you are an adult, we will also put them into practice, although it may take longer to assume. It is very positive to teach them from puppies to be alone, leaving home for a minute and then re-entering. In this way, the puppy will see that nothing happens because you only left one minute. Over time we will increase the time we spend outside, from one minute we will pass to five, from five to fifteen, from fifteen to thirty… Everything is progressing gradually, week by week.

In this way the dog learns to stay only and not cry when we leave, although you can also use these simple tricks that will help a lot:

• When you leave home to leave the television or radio on, the dog will hear voices and will not have the feeling of being alone.
• Use “Kong” type entertainment toys, putting healthy food or fruit suitable for dogs inside so that the dog is entertaining trying to get it out.
We must be patient and work this every day, a dog does not get used to being alone in two days … It takes time. Remember that a good walk before leaving alone only helps you to be relaxed, as long as you have more than six months to live (puppies should not be forced to walk, just let them play).
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